I have a PhD from the University of Nottingham in designing polymeric nanop文章s for tumour targeting, with my first degree in Pharmacy from India. I joined AstraZeneca in 2008, working on the formulation of clinical 产品介绍s for inhalation.

In 2010, I moved into the Pharmaceutical Development 团队 and worked extensively in the field of advanced nanomedicines and new modalities for oncology therapeutics.

I progressed to the role of Associate Principal Scientist in 2013 and became involved in driving innovative science and implementing clinical development strategies applied to nanomedicines and nucleic acid-based therapeutics.

I moved to Cambridge in 2017 as a team leader of the Advanced Drug Delivery team and established a team of multidisciplinary scientists from leading drug delivery groups with expertise in drug delivery sciences and cell biology.

My passion lies in internal and external collaboration, to help identify and implement novel 产品介绍 opportunities that strengthen our pipeline, achieve scientific leadership and ultimately make a meaningful difference to patient health.

Sanya Puri Associate Director, Advanced Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical Sciences, R&D











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